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Military Systems / Applications

Applications of Monitoring - analysis of E.M. environment (ESM, ECM)
  • Tracking, Direction Finding, Analysis and Jamming of VHF and UHF emissions of fixed and frequency hopping radios.
  • Tracking, Direction Finding, Analysis and Jamming of radar emissions.
Applications of Electronic Counter Measures and Counter-Counter Measures (ECM - ECCM)
  • Storage of signals radar in digital radio frequency memories and reproduction in real time (DRFM).
  • Coding - decoding of spread spectrum signals for LPI radar emission.
  • Production of chirp and agile LO signals for use in radar applications.
  • Fast Agile LOs for frequency Hopping Radio Applications.
for additional information on the EPOS SA military systems and applications contact EPOS SA or login to gain access to relevant documents.
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