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System and hardware design
  • Analysis/description of protocols, description languages and tools (SDL/SDT).
  • Formulation of functional/technical specifications for telecommunication systems and digital processing systems.
  • Design/analysis of digital, analog and mixed signal system architectures.
  • Semiconductors and digital integrated circuits technologies.
  • Hardware description languages (VHDL, Verilog).
  • High performance circuit design, simulation and debugging in XILINX FPGAs.
  • FPGA development environments and tools (XILINX ISE).
  • Real time software design, simulation and debugging in C, C++ for embedded processors (Motorola, Intel)
  • Development and debugging software for embedded processors/systems (compilers, linkers, software emulators, in circuit emulators).
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design (PCAD, ORCAD).
  • High speed PCB design (impedance calculations and line terminations for signal propagation for various semiconductor and PCB technologies).
  • Hardware/embedded systems test benches and debugging (logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, hardware test benches etc).
RF / microwave design
  • Design - development - manufacture of microwave amplification circuits in the 0.005-18 GHz frequency range.
  • Design - development - manufacture of microwave up / down converters for wide bandwidth applications.
  • Design - development - manufacture of microwave filters (passive component and microstrip implementation), low pass, band pass and high pass in the 0-18 GHz range.
  • Microwave design programs ADS, HFSS.
  • Manufacture of high performance Power Supplies.
  • High power Microwave Amplifiers > 30 kW.
EMI/EMC design and standardization.
  • Electronic system design for EMI/EMC compatibility at the circuit, PCB and system level.
  • Grounding - Power supply schemes - Decoupling.
  • Modelling and simulation tools for EMI/EMC phenomena at the PCB and system level.
Algorithm design
  • Fourier, Cosine, Hilbert transforms.
  • FIR, IIR digital filters implementation.
  • Digital modulation and demodulation algorithms
  • Analysis and solution of large size differential equations systems using Conjugated Gradient schemes.
  • Hardware optimized algorithmic design for all mentioned algorithms.
Operating Systems - Software
  • Software for embedded real time systems, Windows, Linux, UNIX.
  • Driver development for the above operating systems.
  • Development of APIs and DLLs in object oriented environments.
  • Experience in SQL, Oracle, Ingress databases.
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