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Company Overview

«EPOS SATELLITE COMMUNICATION NETWORKS AND ADVANCED ELECTRONIC APPLICATION SYSTEMS S.A.» (EPOS SA) designs, develops and produces high performance electronic systems for advanced signal processing applications.

The company was founded in 2002 by a group of Greek electronic engineers with the aim of exploiting local know how on analog and digital electronic systems. All the company employees are electrical engineers and hold postgraduate and doctoral diplomas on subjects such as telecommunications, analog and digital design and microwave technologies. 

They have more than decennial experience in development, manufacturing and standardization of complex electronic systems in corporate and academic environment. They also have long-lasting experience in European and Greek research programs (RACE, ACTS, ESPRIT, IST and PAVET).

The main objective of EPOS SA for the next five-year period is to acquire a share in the market of specialised digital signal processing products for Military and Public domain applications.

The Company also aims to acquire a share in the market of equipment for Research Laboratories, Institutes and Academic Institutions in applications of signal acquisition, storage and processing.
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